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2020-2021 Registration information, enrollment paperwork, doctor forms, our COVID – 19 policy, our Daily Plan of Action and 2020-2021 Parent Handbook are all available online under the forms and fees tab.

Advance May 2020 – 2021 tuition and forms are due August 3, 2020.

Holy Covenant Child Development Center provides an early childhood program based on the developmental principles that children learn best by being actively involved in their world.  Activities are planned to meet the children’s needs and stimulate learning in the developmental areas.  Each day the children will participate in center time, circle time, playground time, free and planned art projects and snack.  Once a month the children attend Children’s Chapel.

Holy Covenant Child Development Center is an outreach ministry of Holy Covenant United Methodist Church.  Parents and children in the CDC program are welcome and encouraged to participate in any programs offered through the Church.

Holy Covenant CDC will be giving tours Monday through Thursday. You may come by at any time during those days but mornings are better for you to see our program.

Immunization Notice

Your child must have an up to date immunization record in order to attend our program. We do not accept the affidavit from the State of Texas. We do not accept children on a delayed schedule.