● All CDC staff will be wearing masks. We request that all adults in your vehicle wear a mask during carpool procedures.
● Use the MDO line if you have a child or children in Mother’s Day Out. Use the preschool line if you have a child or children in preschool OR you have children in both programs.
● Make sure your carpool sign (provided by teacher) is displayed on your windshield.
● Please make sure all belongings fit inside your child’s tote bag.
Morning Procedure (8:55-9:25 am)
● Refer to your carpool map and proceed to your designated line (attached).
● Stop at the health screening station. We ask that you lower your windows to allow our staff member to scan your child’s temperature. You will also be asked to confirm that your child meets the Covid-19 health statement for attendance.
● After the health screening, you will be directed to a loading station.
● Pull up, park your vehicle and help your child exit your vehicle with items that he/she will take to class. Wait beside your vehicle with your child until a teacher comes to welcome your child to school. The teacher will escort your child to class.
● Pull out of the loading zone when you are directed by a staff member.
Afternoon Procedures (1:55-2:25 pm)
● Return to your designated carpool line.
● Have your carpool sign displayed on your windshield.
● When directed, park in a loading station and wait by your car. A staff member will radio into the classrooms and one of your child’s teachers will bring your child to you. ( You will load your child into your vehicle. Staff members may not load or unload children from the vehicles.)
Please understand that our teachers can not answer questions at this time. We encourage you to contact your child’s teacher with questions after the school day is over. Office staff is always available to communicate with you during the school day.
If your child is needing a little extra support on a particular day, you may be asked to pull over into a designated parking space to give your child extra time to say good-bye.
If it is raining, please allow extra time and bring a large umbrella.
We expect that the first week or two will move slower as we all learn these new procedures. Please be patient and kind. Everyone’s safety is our top priority.