CDC Office Staff

Jodi Carroll – Director –

Sandra Fortune – Assistant Director –

Vicki Parnell – Office Manager –

Rebecca Walters – Curriculum Coordinator –

Tracy Willemssen – Diagnostician –

CDC Teaching Staff

DUCKLINGS- Miss Lindsay, Miss Margie, Miss Jami & Miss Amy

FISH- Miss Vicki, Miss Carmen, Miss Katie & Miss Becky

OTTERS- Miss Jami, Miss Becky, Miss Deanna & Miss Dary

COWS – Miss Lisa, Miss Brandy, Miss Angela & Miss Lindsay

LADYBUGS – Miss Sam, Miss Jennifer & Miss Lynn

PENGUINS – Miss Juanita, Miss Lauren & Miss Kelly

BUSY BEES – Miss Kathryn & Miss Amy

MONKEYS – Miss Heather & Miss Sylvie

TURTLES – Miss Mary & Miss Sarah

PRECIOUS PIGS – Miss Michelle & Miss Susie

FROGS – Miss Liz & Miss Kelly

TIGERS – Miss Beckey, Miss Sam & Miss Katie

OWLS – Miss Danielle & Miss Alyssa

PONIES – Miss Stacy, Miss Monica & Miss Jennifer

PANDAS – Miss Kim & Miss Danielle

KOALAS – Miss Peggy & Miss Emma

ZEBRAS – Miss Chrissy & Miss Shauna

MUSIC – Miss Susan

MOVEMENT – Miss Amanda

Our Staff

We believe that the most important asset of our school is the quality of our teachers.  Our teachers are caring, nurturing individuals who love children and are trained in early childhood education.  We strive to maintain the best learning environment by providing small class sizes with excellent staff-child ratios.